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Quality Control

Quality Control

We have a set of procedures intended to ensure that our manufactured products follow a defined set of standardized criteria to meet specified requirements that will satisfy the quality needs of our clients. We have a set of procedures emplaced and an established quality level of the control program.

Pre- Quality Assurance

Pre-Quality Assurance

Sourcing of raw materials is the first important step to assure that we will produce products of quality standard. We carefully select and evaluate our suppliers to make sure that they could provide us with materials that suit quality requirements. Our existing suppliers have been in business for decades of years and are supplying the world. These suppliers provide all the technical documents associated with each product assuring its quality and enabling us to rely on them as trusted partners.


Quality Control Techniques

From our reliable and reputable suppliers and vendors, the next step is in storing and, processing, and packaging our finished products in a clean, safe, secure environment.

Our procedures and processes adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Operations, Quality Assurance, and Health and Safety to ensure product quality. Such SOPs comprise the following activities:

1. Scheduling, which involves the process of arranging, controlling, and allocation of work and workloads.

2. Manufacturing Sequence, which involves an order of procedures of blending.

3. Filling and Batching, which involves the actual product filling and identifying the batch of each product produced.

4. Quality Control Check, which actually involves testing the finished product if it conforms to a quality standard.


To build its quality control, Arboland has established a set of procedures intended to ensure that its manufactured products must comply with a defined set of quality criteria to meet specified requirements to satisfy its clients.

Quality Control Techniques
Product Development

Product Development

We can create products with defined pertinent characteristics which we can offer to various clients. Our research and development team has expertise in this particular field and is fully equipped in our facility. We can also improve an existing product to satisfy our customer market needs, and we have also the capability to develop new products which suit the market.

Planing and Procurement

Planning and Procurement

We do have a set of planning requirements in sourcing raw materials, packaging, and other production articles. We established a strong business relationship with our suppliers and vendors that can provide us with quality products & services. Our team has a vast experience in identifying, evaluating, and selecting new suppliers and vendors around the world.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our team can produce health and wellness giving products under your label brand. We can produce what you require based on our knowledge and expertise, or with your own design or planned ideas on the market. Private labelling is certainly welcomed!  

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